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Alba Consulting Services Program

You can take advantage of Alba's knowledge and experience base in television and multimedia software development through our Consulting Services Program. We can work with you on development of products and applications involving some of the new and exciting developments in multimedia and the Internet, including the areas of non-linear editing, logging, media warehousing and distribution, teleconferencing, Internet distribution and media presentations, and media database development.

Our approach to application development is uniquely GUI and platform independent. We develop one set of core library code which is then cross-compiled on all target platforms (Windows 3.1, 95, NT, Macintosh, and Silicon Graphics machines). The graphical interface is then developed using either the native interface toolkits for a specific platform, or using a cross-platform framework application such as Microsoft MFC or Zinc, which then calls the multi-platform libraries for actual processing.

The specialty areas of our applications development include:
These specialty areas are in addition, of course, to all standard areas of application development.

Call Joseph Rooney at 704.894.0639 or send email to "consulting" at for additional information.

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