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EDL Pro Frequently Asked Questions


Some common errors during the Edl Pro for Mac installation are:

CP101 -- This occurs when the "write-protect" is enabled on the floppy disk

CP109 -- This occurs when the installation is being executed from the floppy disk. You should copy all files from the floppy disk to a new folder on your hard disk. Eject the disk and run "Disk Installer" from the folder on your hard drive.

CP104 -- This occurs when the installer asks for the program name. You must type the name in all upper case letters, with a space between each word. Or go back and copy from the name on the Edl Pro icon and then paste into this box.


If you are translating a CMX list generated by Adobe Premiere, you must override the auto-detect feature of Edl Pro. Premiere generates CMX lists slightly out of specification, and translations will not be always be correct.

The Solution: always reselect the Original Edl Format to be CMX 340/3400 (even for CMX 3600 lists out of Premiere). Then proceed normally.


In general, the safest, and most reliable formats put out by the Avid systems are the CMX 340 and CMX 3600 edl formats.

Some Avid systems, including the Avid Media Suite Pro, do not include enough formatting information in some of their Edl outputs, such as the CMX formats (as generated on Macintosh disks), and Edl Pro cannot translate these Edls without additional processing.

This processing involves replacing the "carriage return" control character (CR) with a "carriage return/linefeed" pair (CR/LF), per the formats' original specifications. This can be done through a global search and replace on many word processors.

Note: different word processors look for different ways to search and replace control characters, or special characters as they may be referred to. "CR" is also "^m", "0xd" or "d" (hexadecimal) and "13" (decimal). "LF" is also "^j", "0xa" or "a" (hexadecimal) and "10" decimal. (The quotes are used here for clarity. Do not use them in your word processor unless specified.)

When using Microsoft Word for Windows, for example, you would replace "^13" with "^13^10".

Check with your own word processor on search and replace instructions, and specifically how to replace the "carriage return" control character (CR) with a "carriage return/linefeed" pair (CR/LF).

EDLExpress Frequently Asked Questions

If you are running cache software, or programs such as Norton Commander, you may need to boot your system up without those utilities if you experience installation problems. The easiest way of doing this is to rename your config.sys and autoexec.bat files to temporary names, such as config.tmp and autoexec.tmp. Then reboot your system in its most basic state. Install EdlExpress Plus. Then rename your config.tmp and autoexec.tmp back to their original names and reboot as usual.

If you still are having problems, please call us at 704.894.0639.


1. Copy protection went out ages ago. Why does Alba use it?

Copy-protection went out for makers of mass-marketed software where hundreds of thousands or millions of copies are sold. Those manufacturers have made a business decision that they would suffer the losses of pirated software in order to give the users free copying privileges.

Copy-protection is still used widely with limited- market software, either through hardware protection (dongles), or through software (such as the protection method used by Alba). Once again, a business decision was made. It was felt that sooner or later, pirated software would adversely affect the market for Alba software, and all users would suffer through either higher costs, or a decision that an Alba product was no longer a worthwhile product to produce.

2. Can I backup Alba software along with my usual files?

There is no difference with the Alba software files. They are standard files. What is different is the permission to use those files. This permission is not backed.

3. What if I need to reformat my hard drive, or change to a new hard drive?

Since you cannot back up your permission files, you must de-install the Alba Software to the original Alba disk before you reformat or disconnect your hard drive. Then re-install it onto your new disk.

4. What if I have a head-crash, and I can't de-install my software?

Your original Alba software disk comes with two installs. You are only licensed to install your Alba software onto one hard disk at a time. The second install is there just in case you have a crash or other type of irreversible problem.


If you still need assistance please contact us either by phone at 704.894.0639, or send a fax to 704.894.0642 or by email at "techinfo" at We will correct the problem in short order, usually within the day, and send a response out to you immediately. Please include the product name, serial number and description (including any error messages) in your correspondence.

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