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Alba Editorial, Inc.

Alba Editorial, Inc.
Makers of Edl Pro®, EdlExpress®, and Edl Pro for Audio.

Alba has been providing Edit Decision List solutions for OEM use since 1990.
Available on all Microsoft, Apple and Unix/Linux platforms,
all CMX, GVG, Sony and OMF formats are supported, and includes robust database management.

OEM Licensing Alba is the leading provider of Edl Utility Libraries to editing system manufacturers. These libraries can be licensed for use in your applications.

Edl Pro Take a test drive of the best Edl translation program available. Edl Pro provides fast, dependable Edl translation insuring bullet-proof to-spec Edls to save editors time and money while editing. Also included in our Products Page is information on Edl Pro for Audio which prepares Edls for audio conform.

Sales Department Please call 704-894-0639 for sales information.

Links Learn more about Alba's partners and distributors.
EdlExpress In addition to Edl translation, EdlExpress provides list management and authoring capabilities to give you full control of Edl functions. If your needs include list cleaning and tracing, check out EdlExpress Plus.

Consulting Services Take advantage of Alba's knowledge and experience base in television and multimedia software development through our Consulting Services Program.

Tech Page Any technical questions can be addressed through our FAQ, or find how to get in touch with our technical department.

Alba Editorial, Inc.
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